Wednesday, February 3, 2016

One of the book's origins: "Many Deaths of Tom Thomson" in Archival Narratives for Canada

Along with Death On A Painted Lake: The Tom Thomson Tragedy(2007), a chapter published in Archival Narratives for Canada: Retelling Stories in a Changing Landscape (Fernwood Press, 2011) allowed me to further develop my thinking about Tom Thomson's death.

The chapter provides an in-depth test of claims offered in the most-cited research regarding Thomson's death, as measured against proofs offered by the available historical/archival documentation. Much of the research is found wanting.

A small taste of the chapter is available via

Listing in Dundurn Press - Summer 2016 catalogue

For more information regarding the forthcoming Many Deaths of Tom Thomson: Separating Fact from Fiction, see the Dundurn Press Summer 2016 catalogue (pg. 7).